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Chaos Surf Company is your destination for the most technologically advanced wakesurf boards and accessories available.  Every wakesurfer has been designed by Nick Wiersema, the most winning surfboard shaper in wake surfing, using the highest quality materials and state of the art technology.  With over 30 years of experience as a shaper and competitive surfer, an unmatched wealth of knowledge goes into every design.

2017 Chaos Mystix Quad

Used and Discounted Items

Chaos Surf Company is proud to provide the best custom wakesurfboards and wakesurfing products on the market. Items on this page are used, demo, blemish board and other on sale acessories.

2017 Chaos Mystix Quad

sold out

2017 Chaos Mystix Quad


This 4'6" Mystix is complete with a quad fin set up, quad channels, and a single-wing basic bro bat-tail for exception flight control. Pick your traction and fins and it is yours to love and hold.

Rider weight: up to 180

Board weight: less than 4lbs

Build: Stingerless lightweight Marko Foam Core, S-glass, aerospace hi-density glass, biased glass, carbon fiber rails wrap and A-frame bottom, innegra reinforced deck, non-yellowing brighter than white Premium Epoxy Resin, and clear coat speed finish.

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