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Chaos Surf Company is your destination for the most technologically advanced wakesurf boards and accessories available.  Every wakesurfer has been designed by Nick Wiersema, the most winning surfboard shaper in wake surfing, using the highest quality materials and state of the art technology.  With over 30 years of experience as a shaper and competitive surfer, an unmatched wealth of knowledge goes into every design.

Fly High Supa Tsunami Pump


Fly High Supa Tsunami Pump

Tsunami pump.jpg
Tsunami pump.jpg

Fly High Supa Tsunami Pump


The Fly High Tsunami Pump set the standard for ballast bag filling. In 2018, Fly high introduced the all-new Supa Tsunami Pump. With the high capacity 1700GPH motor and oversize 1" tubing, the Tsunami ballast pump makes it quick and easy to fill/drain the FATSAC bags in your boat. Fly High's Quick Twist Adapter quick connect fittings are a standard feature which means connecting the pump for filling and draining is a snap. The new pump includes a black kink-proof hose that ensures maximum water flow for optimal fill/drain times.

  • Hose Length: 12.5 feet

  • Wire Length: 20 feet

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